Whitewater Rafting


Brave the rapids of the mighty Wolf River in one of our most popular troop activities.  Scouts will be bused from camp to the river, where lunch will be provided.  It is then a short trip to the “put-in” spot, and you spend a few hours paddling through majestic scenery and running one of Wisconsin’s most famous sets of rapids.  Pull out at the spot you stopped for lunch, and the bus will be waiting to bring you home.  This trip is ideal for Scouts of all ages. Trips run from 10:30 am until approximately 5:00 pm.  Rafts, transportation, and safety equipment (PFD’s and helmets) are all provided.  For safety, an adult leader from each unit must accompany Scouts.

Tips before you go

  • Plan to get wet—bring a towel and spare clothes (you can leave these on the bus).

  • Each unit should also bring a small waterproof first aid kit—just in case!

  • Bring a hat, sunscreen, and a shirt—protect yourself from the sun!

  • The unit leader should bring up the rear

  • Go over basic safety with your Scouts in advance.  Stay in your raft whenever possible.  If you must leave the raft, do so on the downstream side.  If you find yourself swept away by the current, float with your feet downstream and try to reach your raft.  Avoid eddies and low branches—you’re safer in the middle of the river.  Above all, communicate with your raft partner.

  • Pre-register for your trip, and fill out the appropriate forms early in the week (a liability waiver and raft cards for all participants Wolf River Waiver) so you’re ready to leave on time. Use the link to the liability waiver, cards can be picked up at the Welcome Center!

  • Be aware that when the buses arrive at the raft company, there is often a slight delay while rafts are readied for the next trip.  Be prepared—this is a great time to review safety rules!

  • Know how many Scouts are on the trip from your unit (and others).



Cost: $30 per person

Dates offered: Tuesday through Friday during all sessions of camp; Monday of any even week

Registration: To help us plan, please let us know if your unit is interested in this trip.  If at all possible, turn in the High Adventure form to the Camping Secretary by the end of May.  Or, register at camp—the first opportunity is Monday morning at 7am. DUE TO INCONSISTENT RIVER CONDITIONS, NO PAYMENTS will be taken at the council office for whitewater rafting.  PAYMENTS will be made AT CAMP ONLY, when you confirm your registration and number of participants.  Make sure everyone can pass the camp’s swim test before they sign up with your unit!