Camp Promotional Meetings




If not, schedule your Boy Scout Summer Camp Promotion Meeting today!

CAMP PROMOTIONS ARE A GREAT IDEA!  Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Camp Promotions are the perfect time for your Scouts and their parents to hear about the exciting programs being offered, especially about new ones for 2020.  Make sure to invite Webelos II Scouts and their parents to attend too, since this could be a great opportunity for them to become an integral part of your Troop.

WHEN AND WHERE TO HAVE YOUR CAMP PROMOTION:  Your Troop or Crew can invite parents to attend your regular monthly meeting, or one specifically designed to inform them about our summer camp programs.

PROMOTION DATES TO CHOOSE:  We recommend you schedule your meeting between now and April 1, to ensure older and younger scouts have time to register with (and pay) your troop before the early discount deadline ends.

LENGTH OF CAMP PROMOTIONS:  Presentations should only last about 10 minutes.  Allow more time for questions and answers, if desired.

WHO DOES CAMP PROMOTIONS:  You likely have scout leaders within your troop that would love to tell the others about their great experiences at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan! If your troop hasn’t been there yet and would like to learn more, contact our council staff (see Contact Us).

It is our hope that your camp promotion will not only increase the amount of Scouts your Troop sends to camp during the summer, but it will also get them excited and prepared for what is sure to be a phenomenal summer!