General Policies




Scouts are expected to follow common camp courtesy, the Scout Oath, and the Scout Law.  Everyone at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan plays a part in developing an appropriate & friendly atmosphere.  Therefore, all B.S.A. principles will be followed.  AFTER 10PM:  Please be considerate of units in neighboring sites, especially regarding noise and activity!


Our Accessible site, called the “Powell” campsite, is located west of the West Camp dining hall.  It has black-topped paths.  This site also has its own washhouse with flush toilets and showers.  Twelve tents are on platforms which are flush with the blacktop.

If you need the Accessible campsite please let us know when registering.


Units must not arrive earlier than 1:00 PM on opening day of that camping period.  Camp check-in cannot be accomplished prior to this time. Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan is closed from 12 Noon Saturday at the end of Week 2 until 1 PM Sunday, the beginning of Week 3, and again at Noon Saturday at the end of Week 4 until 1 PM Sunday at the beginning of Week 5.  No check-ins or camping is authorized during these closed periods.  If your unit must arrive at a time/date other than the standard, please contact the Reservation Director by MAY 31ST.  Go to the “Register” tab for this year’s specific dates.


All visitors, leaders, and Scouts must sign in when arriving at camp and sign out when leaving camp for any reason.  A sign out form is available at the reservation office for your convenience.


All Scouts are to be supervised by Adult (Age 21 years & above) staff, scouters, parents, or other volunteers when off the Reservation for program purposes, or when going to or from the Reservation.  Scouts either go to camp with supervising adults in private vehicles (specific written permission by the Scout’s parent or guardian is required), or in Council provided buses.  The bus driver is not to be considered one of the supervising adults.

A supervising adult’s responsibility ends only when the Scout gets off the bus at camp or when an adult member of the Scout’s family exercises supervision over the Scout.  Scouts are always accompanied in Council provided buses by at least two supervising adults.  When returning from the Reservation, all Scouts are to remain in the control of the supervising adults until an adult member of the Scout’s family takes charge of the Scout.

COUNCIL BUS REGISTRATIONS:  Registration for buses is now closed.


The following shall be strictly enforced:  Vehicles other than those owned and operated by the reservation are not permitted in campsites or on service roads.  Troop storage trailers may be allowed, but prior approval is required.  Handicapped exception will be made only with clear need of and approval by the Reservation Director.

  • Hitchhiking by Scouts is prohibited. Scouts should be encouraged to hike.  Please do not give Scouts a ride.

  • All drivers and passengers must wear seatbelts in camp.  Riding in the back of open trucks or vans is prohibited.

  • All traffic signs must be obeyed.  Drive slowly and carefully.  Remember—there are pedestrians and bicycles on the roads!

  • Other than to accommodate disabled persons, vehicles will not be allowed in program areas.

  • B.S.A. policy forbids youth under 18 from driving other youth members to or from camp.

  • Recreational Vehicles over 20’ will NOT be allowed beyond the Administration building.  Limited space is available in Wabaningo.  Contact Debi Geiger to reserve an RV site before summer camp begins. Starting Ju ne 15th, contact Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan directly.  

  • Other restrictions may be placed on vehicles at the discretion of the Reservation Director, especially during the Order of the Arrow callouts.  Failure to adhere to vehicle policies will result in the loss of driving privileges in camp.


Units must meet the following leadership requirements as established by the Boy Scouts of America.

  1. Two adults in attendance at all times.  This requirement can be satisfied by one leader at least 21 years of age and a second leader at least 18 years of age.  Unit leaders are strongly encouraged to complete Youth Protection training prior to arrival in camp—training is now available online and at camp during the week.

  2. For Venture units, leadership must meet Venturing guidelines.

  3. Adult leaders must meet the medical requirements regardless of their length of stay in camp.

  4. If any emergency situation should occur requiring the adult leadership to be away from camp for some period, the Camp Director must be notified to determine what alternate arrangements may be required.


Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan allows two authorized uses of bicycles in camp. ONE: bikes may be ridden by adult leaders or staff (on main camp roads only and with appropriate safety gear).  Unit leaders are encouraged to use bicycles as an in-camp means of transportation—to minimize vehicle traffic on camp roads.  TWO: Bicycles used as part of the program at MaKaJaWan Scout Reservation are permitted only for program purposes.  Scouts wishing to use their own bicycles for a program may do so, but must follow the safety rules and use them only on authorized riding trails. ALL BIKE RIDERS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR HELMETS.


Scouts and leaders are expected to wear their best Scout uniforms (scout shirts, shorts, and socks) to formal events at camp (flag raising, breakfast, retreat, dinner, religious services, campfires, and other special occasions).  Daily activity wear is at the troop’s discretion, but should be appropriate for a Scout camp; a troop T-shirt is always in style in the program areas.  Leaders are encouraged to develop a consistent unit policy on activity wear and formal uniforms while at camp.  Leaders should set the example.  Remember—the uniform is one of the methods by which Scouting’s aims are achieved.  Encourage your Scouts to dress and behave sharply for flag ceremonies, both out of respect for our nation’s symbol and to encourage troop pride.


Rules for acceptance and participation in any program at MaKaJaWan Scout Reservation are the same for everyone regardless of race, color, national origin, disability or gender.  Any person who believes that he or she has been discriminated against in this program should write to: Administrator, 3101 Park Center Drive, Alexandria, VA  22302-1500.


Anyone using the camp aquatics facilities (including boats and canoes) is required to take the aquatics swim test.  This policy includes all youth, adults, and all Family Camp residents and guests.  Each person will be tested according to the standard B.S.A. requirements as outlined below. Beginners and learners can ask to be re-tested.  NOTE: All Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan aquatics activities take place in a lake, not a pool.

  • Swimmer:  Swim 100 yards as follows: Swim 75 yards (using side, breast, or crawl), then turn and swim 25 yards using elementary back stroke – float for one minute

  • Beginner:   Swim 50 feet (including at least one turn)

  • Learner:  Anyone who cannot qualify for beginner or swimmer

Instruction is offered.  In ALL cases, the aquatics staff has the right & authority to disqualify an individual from use of the waterfront facilities.  This is necessary to maintain health & safety standards.


The security of personal possessions at camp is the responsibility of the individual.  Personal possessions such as stereos, iPods, etc. have no place in camp.  It is virtually impossible to provide security in camp for valuables (watches, jewelry, or money).  Please keep these items out of sight or on your person.  Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation cannot be responsible for the loss of personal possessions.  If an item has significant monetary or sentimental value, camp is probably not the place for it.


Proper behavior is the responsibility of the unit leadership.  If the unit needs help, they should consult with their Camp Commissioner or the Camp Director.

Vandalism or injury to others will not be tolerated.  Scouts who misbehave in activity areas will be asked to leave the area for the remainder of the day.  More serious behavior problems in an activity area will be referred to the unit leadership and the Camp Director.  In serious cases, the Reservation Director will notify local authorities as needed.

The Boy Scouts of America and MaKaJaWan Scout Reservation policy is – No staff member, leader or other camper shall punish a Scout by: withholding food and/or water, imposing isolation, enforcing abusive physical exercise, or using corporal punishment.


The consumption, possession, or use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or stimulants while on the reservation or while participating in the program of Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation is explicitly prohibited.  Where violation of this policy occurs, local, state, and federal laws will be enforced and appropriate law enforcement agencies will be notified.


Liquid and propane fuels and fuel burning equipment shall be used only under adult supervision.  Fuel must be stored by the camp. Only adults can receive and transport fuel.  Empty cylinders and cans must be given to the Camp Director for disposal.


Personal firearms, ammunition, crossbows, bows and arrows are not permitted. Do not bring any of these items to camp for any purpose.  In particular, units are not allowed to bring ammunition to camp, even for use on the appropriate shooting range.


Fireworks are NOT allowed


The cutting, slashing, or removal of bark from any standing tree (alive or dead) is strictly prohibited. Upon arrival at the campsite, adult leadership should inspect their campsite with their assigned staff member.  Any existing damage shall be noted by the camp commissioner.  Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation is a managed forest environment.  Units will be charged $250 per damaged tree for violations of this policy.


Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation reserves the right to assess appropriate fines to a unit for any equipment damaged during their stay.  Fines shall be paid prior to leaving camp, or as soon as the appropriate fine has been determined.  Upon arrival at the campsite, adult leadership should inspect their campsite with their assigned staff member.  Any existing damage shall be noted by the camp commissioner.


Washstands are to be used for washing of the person only.  Absolutely no washing of cooking equipment or cleaning of fish or clothing is allowed.

The digging of holes, pits, fire pits, and the trenching of tents in the campsite is strictly prohibited.  If current fire pits are inadequate, consult with your camp commissioner on renovation of existing pits BEFORE taking any action yourself.

The appearance of our camp is the responsibility of everyone in camp.  Please help to keep it clean by urging everyone in your unit to be clean in their outdoor manners and to pick up other people’s carelessness.  The appearance of our camp is a matter of pride, not penalty.  Garbage should be disposed of daily.  Pioneering structures and other campsite improvements must be approved by the Camp Director and removed when the unit departs.


NO PETS ARE ALLOWED (other than those maintained by year-round personnel) in any part of camp, including Wabaningo and Family Camp.

Please inform any parents or guests visiting camp that dogs and other pets are prohibited at camp for any reason, even for a short time.  No person may bring an animal of any kind to Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation, nor may any person exercise dominion and control over any animal while at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation, with the following exceptions:

  1. Any person entering onto Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation with a disability requiring an assistance animal (guide dog or other assistance animal) shall be permitted to have such animals in his or her possession in areas of the Reservation designated by the Reservation Director and in compliance with the equal access provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act and applicable Wisconsin Law.

  2. Animals of any kind may be in the possession of an adult in the public areas of the Reservation (merit badge sites or assembly areas only) for the purpose of a demonstration of animal skills or handling authorized by the Reservation Director, and in conformance to applicable law.

  3. Animals of any kind may be kept in cages at the Ecology Conservation site, only with the specific authorization of the Reservation Director, and then only for recognized educational purposes and in conformance with applicable law.

  4. Use, possession and control of horses is authorized only in conformance with the policies described for horses in other parts of this policy.

  5. Scouts and non-Scouts, adults and youth, are permitted to take fish from Lake Killian in accordance with applicable law in the State of Wisconsin.

  6. No Scout, unregistered youth, registered or unregistered adult may capture or possess any wild animal on the Reservation, other than fish taken from Lake Killian in conformance with Wisconsin Law.