Mail and Other Services




Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan has daily mail service.  Unit leaders should pick up their unit’s mail at the camp office after lunch.  Incoming mail should be addressed as follows:

Scout’s or Scouter’s Name, Unit # _____
Camp (East, West, Wabaningo), Campsite Name
Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation
West 6500 Spring Lake Road
Pearson, WI   54462‑8133


Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and LDS services are available at or near the reservation.  An interfaith service is offered at 10:00am on all Sundays when Scouts are in camp; additional services may be offered during the week.  Units are encouraged to make use of our camp chapel for their own services. A camp chaplain will also be available one day each week—let your camp director know if you’d like a visit!  Remember: “A Scout is Reverent.”


Due to the number of Scouts and leaders in camp, it is impractical to use these phones for incoming calls.  In case of emergency, the Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation Office/Welcome Center can be contacted at (715) 484‑2346.  Arrangements can be made for the individual in question to return the call.  Scouts may not use the phones without an adult being present.  Cell phone service at camp has improved, but some service is still spotty due to terrain—units should develop their own policies on cell phone use.


By meeting the requirements for operation of a well-maintained campsite, a unit may qualify for the Baden-Powell Award.  The Baden-Powell Award is an excellent tool to foster good Scouting habits.  Each unit will be evaluated daily against the standards by both the Senior Patrol Leader and the Camp Commissioner.  Units’ scores will be posted daily in each campsite.  Those units that qualify will receive the Baden-Powell Award.  A key point to remember is that units are competing against a standard and not against each other.