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 Returning Staff Application

This application is intended for returning members to the Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan staff. If you are a new applicant please fill out the New Staff Application.

Thank you for considering returning the Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation! One of the most important things to the long term sustainability of our camp is the knowledge that returns each year with our staff. With that comes a whole lot of responsibilities as well. Our expectation of you is much greater than a new staff member, we expect that you have a higher degree of professionalism, subject matter knowledge and overall awesomeness that camp staff is known for.

This reapplication process is designed to get your impressions of your work ethic over last summer, alter your camp director to your intentions and also to give you the opportunity to shift gears into other roles! I cannot stress the last one enough, this is your opportunity to let us know that you have developed a passion over your time at camp that you would like to explore! Maybe you have been at the waterfront for 2 years, but you would really like to work with Eco/Con? Maybe you heard Handicraft plays with high voltage (not true) and forges (totally true) and you want to see what it is all about.

Take this time to be self-reflective and honest about what you are trying to achieve. Read on and find out how to reapply to Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation, we are excited to welcome you back.


All Returning Staff must complete the application found below and complete the necessary submissions by their due dates to be fully considered for the 2020 Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Staff.