Remembrance Area



he Remembrance Area at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation was dedicated on July 4, 2004 to serve as an area to honor those of our scouting family who have departed. It is located along the road between the Welcome Center/Family Camp and East Camp, downhill from the Chapel.

The criterion for consideration for the Remembrance Area is: an individual needs to be a former youth or adult from the scouting program, a member of the OA, a member of the WES, a member of the MSR staff or a volunteer at camp.


Every summer the Remembrance Area Steering Committee and Camp Staff hold a special chapel service to celebrate the lives of the new class of honorees. The Remembrance Area Chapel Service is held at MSR on Vigil Weekend (the weekend between Weeks 3 and 4). The service will be on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. We invite the families, friends and colleagues of the honorees to the event.


To add a name to the Remembrance Area an informational sheet needs to be submitted by March 1st of each year to the Remembrance Area Steering Committee. Then, the Remembrance Area Steering Committee reviews each suggested name and a final list is submitted to the Scout Executive for final approval. This part of the process is designed to verify the background of all honorees. We want to add those names who have unblemished backgrounds.

After the verification process is completed plates are engraved and installed on the Remembrance Area boards. Each honoree will have their own plate and each name will go up in the order they come to the committee.


For information about the Remembrance Area please contact Ian Hopkins, Chairman, Remembrance Area Steering Committee at