Order Of The Arrow



The Order of the Arrow is Scouting’s National Honor Society. A week of advancement, programs, and fun at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan is capped off with our popular Order of the Arrow Call-Out Ceremony.  This Native-American-based ceremony is a capstone program in which scouts are called out to participate in an ordeal that will solidify them as Ordeal members in the Order of the Arrow.  If you are already an Ordeal member and have been for at least 10 months, camp is a great place to obtain the Brotherhood honor.

The Call-Out Ceremonies of the Order of the Arrow provide a spectacular evening of entertainment as those Scouts selected by their troops are offered induction into this national society of honored campers. Parents are encouraged to attend the Ordeal Call-Out ceremony. Scouts attending only Weeks 1, 3, or 5, who have been called out for the Order of the Arrow, will have the option of staying overnight Saturday to Sunday at no additional cost; however, Units are responsible for providing adequate leadership (leaders staying behind may need to change campsites and will need to pay Visitor fees).  Scouts unable to stay will be notified of alternate arrangements—usually a fall conclave to be held at one of the Council’s “close in” camps.  Scouts unable to stay are not penalized in any way.


Ordeal Callout Ceremonies

  • June 28: 8:30 PM

  • July 12: 8:30 PM

  • July 26: 8:15 PM

Ordeal Induction Ceremonies
Ceremony only open to OA members – no guests

  • June 29: 9:00 PM

  • July 13: 9:00 PM

  • July 27: 9:00 PM

Brotherhood Induction Ceremonies

  • June 29: 9:00 PM

  • July 13: 9:00 PM

  • July 27: 9:00 PM

  • For even weeks at camp, please check with camp staff

Vigil Weekend

  • July 12-13


Below are the fees for the Order of the Arrow program during weeks. Please submit payments along with the following Payment for Order of the Arrow Ceremonies form (also available in the Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Camp Offices) which will help you calculate the total Induction Fees.

2019 Order of the Arrow Fees

Ordeal Candidates - $75

Brotherhood Candidates - $35 ($15 if Ordeal was completed in 2016 or 2017).

Order of the Arrow Feed - $5

Order of the Arrow Dues - $25


To make your unit’s OA experience as meaningful and hassle-free as possible, there are few steps you should follow during the week of a fire.

Step One: Monday Night Meeting

An OA adult leader information meeting will be held the first Monday of weeks 1, 3 and 5 in each camp’s respective office. Each troop must send at least one representative to these meetings whether or not you have any scouts or adults to be pulled out. These meetings allow the assistant honors masters and honors master to gather ordeal medical information and arrival details as well as cover more procedures during the week and for each campfire. Questions will also be answered and a weekend schedule will be handed out.

Before the end of the week, please make sure that (1) all Ordeal and Brotherhood candidates in your troop have a valid BSA medical form on file with the camp and (2) that OA Induction Fees are paid for. Please use this form to calculate and pay your dues (dues can be paid at the Welcome Center during camp, or at the NEIC office before camp).

Step Two: Lining up for the Friday Callout Ceremony

Ordeal Callout Fires occur Friday night and everyone is welcome to attend—it is a spectacular event! East and West Camp will line up single-file at their respective dining halls (at a time that will be announced) and walk to the ceremony in silence.

If you’re a parent or visitor (someone other than a registered scout or troop leader), you are not allowed to line up with East and West Camp. Parents and other guests must line up at the Country Store (for West Camp Guests) or the parking lot near the East Camp Dining Hall (for East Camp guests) where our guides will direct you to sit in the family camp section. This section actually provides the best view of the fire, so it’s a win-win situation!

Anyone who needs assistance getting to the Callout fire should contact the East/West Camp Offices or the Welcome Center. We can easily accommodate individuals who are handicapped or have disabilities, as long as we know about it first.

Step Three: Saturday Night (Ordeal and Brotherhood Induction) Fires

Individuals looking to attend the Ordeal and Brotherhood Induction fires will meet at the Welcome Center at a time that will be announced during camp. A guide will lead the group to the proper fire bowls.

Ordeal and Brotherhood and Vigil Ceremonies are closed door—YOU MUST be an OA member and of the correct honor to attend each Ceremony.

Unfortunately, Ordeal and Brotherhood Ceremonies are only accessible by foot. We are unable to provide access for those with disabilities.


The Friday night Callout ceremonies, as well as the other fires, are a very special, solemn, and sacred time. Please help us respect that by following these policies, and reminding those around you to do the same:

  1. No flash photography

  2. Only registered leaders and campers are allowed to sit with the troop.

  3. No guests or campers will be allowed into the fire bowl early. Anyone arriving early will be asked to leave the bowl and wait down the trail with the family camp section.


If you have questions regarding an Order of the Arrow election or need to schedule a camp promotion visit please contact Dave Davies (Lodge Adviser) – Contact Info.  ALL ELECTIONS FOR REGISTERED (with BSA) YOUTH AND ADULTS MUST BE COMPLETED BY APRIL 15, 2019.


We hope this page was helpful, but we understand you might have more questions. Please check out the resources below or feel free to contact us: