Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

Where is Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation located?

Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation is located at W6500 Spring Lake Road, Pearson, WI  54462-8133.

What programs are offered?

Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation is made up of three subcamps: East Camp, West Camp, and Wabaningo. Both East Camp and West Camp are made up of 12 unique program areas which you can learn more about here. We also have a fully equipped High Adventure base which runs program in camp as well as throughout the Northwoods of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Click here to learn more about our High Adventure Programs. Webelos Scouts are also invited up to camp during the week of Fourth of July in which we offer our Webelos Resident Camp. This 4-Day, 3-Night experience  gives your Webelos the opportunity to gain a sense of independence, have fun in the great outdoors, and even earn advancements.

What Merit Badges are offered?

Over 50+ Merit Badges are offered at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation each summer with many rotating in and out depending on the year. To find out exactly which badges are offered for the current year as well as view the Merit Badge schedule check out our Merit Badge program page!

Where can I find contact information?

Contact information can be found on our Contact Us page.

Is the camp handicap accessible?

Yes! Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation does offer handicap accessible facilities in West Camp and our Accessible site, called the “Powell” campsite, is located west of the West Camp dining hall.  It has black-topped paths.  This site also has its own washhouse with flush toilets and showers.  Twelve tents are on platforms which are flush with the blacktop.

If you need the Accessible campsite please let us know when registering.


What is your guest/visitor policy?

Guests are always welcomed to Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation! When guests first arrive at camp they must check in at the Welcome Center. From there they will receive a wrist-band and are free to access any of the facilities within camp. For our complete visitor policy, please visit our Guest Camping page!

Can I bring my firearm to camp to use at the shooting range?

Personal firearms, ammunition, crossbows, bows and arrows are not permitted. Do not bring any of these items to camp for any purpose.  In particular, units are not allowed to bring ammunition to camp, even for use on the appropriate shooting range.

Are pets allowed on property?

NO PETS ARE ALLOWED (other than those maintained by year-round personnel) in any part of camp, including Wabaningo and Family Camp.

Please inform any parents or guests visiting camp that dogs and other pets are prohibited at camp for any reason, even for a short time.  No person may bring an animal of any kind to Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation, nor may any person exercise dominion and control over any animal while at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation, with the following exceptions:

  1. Any person entering onto Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation with a disability requiring an assistance animal (guide dog or other assistance animal) shall be permitted to have such animals in his or her possession in areas of the Reservation designated by the Reservation Director and in compliance with the equal access provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act and applicable Wisconsin Law.

  2. Animals of any kind may be in the possession of an adult in the public areas of the Reservation (merit badge sites or assembly areas only) for the purpose of a demonstration of animal skills or handling authorized by the Reservation Director, and in conformance to applicable law.

  3. Animals of any kind may be kept in cages at the Ecology Conservation site, only with the specific authorization of the Reservation Director, and then only for recognized educational purposes and in conformance with applicable law.

  4. Use, possession and control of horses is authorized only in conformance with the policies described for horses in other parts of this policy.

  5. Scouts and non-Scouts, adults and youth, are permitted to take fish from Lake Killian in accordance with applicable law in the State of Wisconsin.

  6. No Scout, unregistered youth, registered or unregistered adult may capture or possess any wild animal on the Reservation, other than fish taken from Lake Killian in conformance with Wisconsin Law.


What are the registration Costs/Fees?


  • Scout Early Discount Fee:  $335 – This applies to scouts who are registered AND have their full payment applied online by May 1, 2019.

  • Scout Regular Fee:  $360 – This is the same fee as 2018 and applies to scouts who are registered AND have their full payment applied online starting May 2 and by dates below.

  • Full-time Adult Leader Early Discount Fee*:  $190 – This fee applies to adult leaders who are registered AND have their full payment applied online by May 1, 2019. 

  • Full-time Adult Leader Regular Fee*:  $220 – This is a NEW fee and applies to adult leaders who are registered AND have their full payment applied online starting May 2 and by dates below.

  • Part-time Leaders (fee increase) **:  $40 per night – This fee is only paid at the main camp office when leaders check in, since the schedule of these adults often changes. 

*NEW FEE STRUCTURE FOR FULL-TIME ADULTS:  This is the first year we’ve had an early discount fee for full-time adults.  This is to encourage early commitment from your adult leaders, which will make your job easier since you’ll know well in advance that you have enough “adult coverage” for the number of attending scouts.

**PART-TIME LEADER FEES:  Not only has it been many years since we increased this fee, we made it more per night than full-time leaders.  We hope this will encourage “full-week” leader commitments because they make for a smoother running week at camp for scouts and leaders).

Full-time Adult Leader Discounts

Every summer, we provide full-time adult leader discounts which are determined by the number of Youth registered online by the “registration closes” deadlines. These discounts will automatically be applied online, as you register your scouts and adults.

Full-time Adult Leader/Scout Ratio, per Week

1 Free Adult for 1 to 10 Scouts   4 Free Adults for 31 to 40 Scouts

2 Free Adults for 11 to 20 Scouts              5 Free Adults for 41 to 50 Scouts

3 Free Adults for 21 to 30 Scouts              6 Free Adults for 51 or more Scouts

What is the deadline to register?

DEADLINES (for Traditional, Provisional, and Venturing Quest)

May 1:  Deposit only option and early discount fees end.  Starting May 2, you will be charged the full amount and the regular fee for new (and existing, not fully paid) registrants.

Registration Closes and Final Payment Deadlines

Week 1:  June 3                 Week 4:  June 24

Week 2:  June 10              Week 5:  July 1

Week 3:  June 17              Week 6:  July 8


  • If registering/paying online, it must be done by 11:59 PM on the deadline date.

  • Any payments mailed or brought to the council office must be processed AND applied online by 4:30 PM on the deadline date.

IMPORTANT: The scout store staff only “receipts” payments. They do NOT apply them online.

When are the Leader’s Meetings?

LEADER MEETINGS - UPDATES: We have two confirmed dates and locations for 2019 MSR Leader Meetings (I forgot to update that section of the “PIF” email I just sent you).  The same information will be discussed at both meetings, so pick the one the works best for you.

March 30, 10:00AM-12:00PM – Kasperson Center for Scouting (council office), 850 Forest Edge Drive, Vernon Hills, IL  60061

April 13, 10:00AM-12:00PM – Camp Crown, 11651 304th Avenue (also known as County Road B), Trevor, WI  53179

MARCH 30 – SCOUT STORE:  The scout store opens at 9AM if you want to arrive early to pay scout and/or adult fees.  They will be open until 3PM, should you want to wait until after the meeting to check it out and/or make a payment

REGISTRATION PAPERWORK:  Just remember to bring a copy of your completed registration email, so they can attach a copy of your receipt and leave it in my mail Inbox.  Also make sure to include amounts being paid for each person, especially since it might be more or less than the required amount.  Please DO NOT make a payment if you have not completed the registration yet, to ensure you pay the correct amount.

Quinn Ryan will conduct both meetings, so direct all questions to him:

Where can I go to register for Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation?

GO TO: to register your unit. Look on the right side of the event page for the week you are going to attend and click on the blue button (MSR Week 1, MSR Week 2, etc.) to begin.  When you do, you will be asked if you want to “Log In” (make sure you created your account, first!) or “Continue as Guest”.  Make your choice and begin.  Tell us how many Youth and how many adults you are going to register this time.  If attending two weeks, you will do this for each week.

What information is required to register?

SCOUT REQUIRED INFORMATION:  First Name, Last Name, Birth Date, Gender, Scout Rank,  Email Address.  Provisional Scouts must also provide Unit Leader Information (name, phone, email).

What payment options do you accept?

PAYMENT OPTIONS:  Credit Card (available until registration closes, and afterward to make late payments), e-Check (removed 15 days before your week at camp), Mail-in Payment (removed 31 days before your week at camp).

How can I manage my account and online registration?

“MY ACCOUNT”:  Logging into your account DOES NOT take you to a Unit Page like the old website.  But, it does make all of the information you provided available (for auto-fill to use) when you complete an online registration. NOTE:  The “Register” button within “MY Account” is to create an ID and password NOT to register for an event.

NEW ID AND PASSWORD:  You can choose to create an ID for this website or register as a Guest, but I strongly urge you to create the ID so the system has your name, address, phone, and email address auto-saved for the other event registrations.  Remember we switched to 247 Scouting with Black Pug, so any ID and password you might have created for our old website (Scout Tools) WILL NOT WORK. 

IMPORT OR EDIT ROSTER:  Once you have an ID and password and are logged in, click on your name (top right corner) for a dropdown list.  Creating a unit roster online is optional but highly recommended, especially for larger units and/or if you attend NEIC events often.  You can also edit an existing roster to remove youth no longer with your unit or to add new ones.  See SCOUT REQUIRED INFORMATION below to see why uploading a unit roster is a great idea!

ADDING ON/UPDATING:  If/when you have more Youth or adults to register, you will add them to the same registration.  DO NOT begin another one.  Save the registration confirmation emailfor easy access!  Or, write down your confirmation number so you can Look Up the registration through the MSR summer camp event page:  Click on the “gear” on the top of the event page, then on “Lookup Registration” to find one you already started.  Type in your email address and registration number, then click on “View Registration”.  Click on “Forgot Registration Number” if you can’t find it and the system will show you all registrations associated with your email address.

Note: If it’s been quite a while (years?) since you registered online for an NEIC event, it was probably with our old website (Scout Tools).  So, you might need to create a new ID and password for our new site (247 Scouting with Black Pug).  Even if another council uses the same provider and you’ve registered for events on it, you will need to create an ID and password for OUR council’s website because we are separate organizations. If by some chance you have an ID with this website, the system will recognize your email address (if it’s the one you used before).  If you don’t get a registration confirmation email from the website, check your Junk/Spam file because it’s likely any emails they sent you ended up there.  Just add Black Pug/247 Scouting to your “safe list” and you won’t have to check your junk file in the future (hopefully).