Merit Badges


To serve our increasing number of campers and programs, Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan uses a combination of the Block Schedule and Hourly schedule systems. Coined as the Hybrid Schedule, it allows classes to get more in-depth and offer fun activities like field trips without disrupting the entire day’s schedule. The schedule also provides scouts more flexibility between working on Merit Badges and taking advantage of the many unique opportunities Ma-Ka-Ja- Wan offers. The Hybrid Schedule gives scouts more time to spend on doing activities around camp and less time walking around.

The Merit Badge Schedule, Daily Schedule, East and West Trailblazer Schedule, and Prerequisites and Costs can be found in the documents below. These documents are susceptible to change as needed, so check these documents periodically for the most recent version.

2019 Program Schedules

2019 MaKaJaWan Merit Badge Schedule [Updated 6/4/2019]

2019 MaKaJaWan Merit Badge Schedule (Black & White) [Updated 6/4/2019]

2019 East Camp Trailblazer Schedule - Takes place during A Block, B Block, and either Hour 1, Hour 2, or Hour 3.

2019 West Camp Trailblazer Schedule - Takes place during A or B Block and either Hour 1, 2, or 3. [Updated 6/5/2019]

2019 Pathfinder Schedule

Please note both East and West Camp have different schedules for Trailblazer. Each schedule offers similar opportunities however the schedules differ based on resources and staff preferences.

Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Prerequisites and Costs for 2019 [Updated 5/6/2019]

For more information about the Coureur des Bois program, check out the Coureur Des Bois Page!


Each unit’s Camp Contact was emailed information about Merit Badge Sign-up, which is now active. NOTE: Scouts must be registered online, with at least the $125 deposit payment applied before they can access the Class Schedule. Contact your coordinator to find out how to sign up for merit badges.



March 13, 2019 - Merit Badge Schedule Released

March 15, 2019 - Trailblazer and Pathfinder Schedules Released

APRIL 22, 2019: Merit Badge Registration is open

CLOSED: Week 1 Merit Badge Sign Ups Cutoff

CLOSED: Week 2 Merit Badge Sign Ups Cutoff

FRIDAY, JUNE 21 (11:59PM): Week 3 Merit Badge Sign Ups Cutoff

FRIDAY, JUNE 29 (11:59PM): Week 4 Merit Badge Sign Ups Cutoff

FRIDAY, JULY 5 (11:59PM): Week 5 Merit Badge Sign Ups Cutoff

FRIDAY, JULY 12 (11:59PM): Week 6 Merit Badge Sign Ups Cutoff


Some important resources for Merit Badge planning and record keeping are below:

Notes on Planning your Merit Badges


Before Camp:

  • Decide what merit badges you wish to take.  Discuss this with your scoutmaster and sign up on My-Ka-Ja-Wan.

  • Find out if any of the badges you wish to take have requirements that must be completed before camp.  Use the merit badge pages on this site for help. Complete these prerequisites before camp and you will likely finish the badge at camp!  Bring a note from your scout master or other evidence of completion for that requirement(s) up to camp!

  • First Year Scouts:  The Trailblazer Program will help you earn requirements for Tenderfoot, Second and First Class.  Sign up on My-Ka-Ja-Wan! Choose between the Trailbazer Morning or Trailbazer Afternoon sessions, which meet daily, from 8am-12pm or 2pm-5pm. You are still able to sign up for some badges though!

  • You can sign up for as many merit badges as you can fit in your schedule.  But don’t forget to schedule free time for fun and exploring all camp has to offer!

At Camp:

  • If you must miss a session of a merit badge, let your counselor know in advance!  Usually, a make-up session will be available, but you have to let your staff know.


Notes on Merit Badge Recordkeeping for Leaders


Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan uses a computer database to maintain merit badge records.  Scouts are strongly encouraged to take responsibility for their own records, making sure record sheets are accurately maintained and signed by the counselor on a regular basis.  We also suggest that unit leaders track each scout’s progress on each badge by reviewing these records during and at the end of each session, so that final records can be quickly compared with expectations.

It is strongly recommended that you have a good plan in place for making sure records are accurate BEFORE leaving camp, and for ensuring the safe arrival of records back home.

IMPORTANT: APPROPRIATE ADVANCEMENT FORMS should be used by the unit to report advancement records from camp to their council office.  Our camp database does NOT automatically transfer information from camp to the Scouts’ advancement records.

Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Merit Badge Records HAVE GONE GREEN!  Please bring an external thumb drive to upload your weekly merit badge records.  NO paper records will be given, unless specifically requested during initial sign up for badges.